How to Throw the Best Pool Party Ever

A pool party is the perfect summer activity for people of all ages. You get to play water games, hang out with friends and family, and eat a lot of great food. You can have a pool party for a birthday or holiday, or to simply celebrate the beautiful weather.

Here are the steps you need to take to make sure your pool party is the best ever:

1. Choose a date and time

Make sure you choose a date that is easy for your guests. Avoid picking a day during the week (the weekends are best).

Afternoon storms are almost guaranteed during the Miami summer season. Earlier starting times, between 10 am and 1pm, tend to work best.

2. Pick a theme and send out invitations

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re throwing a pool party a child, make you you pick a theme they like. Finally, compile a list of people you’d like to invite, then send out the invitations.

3. Buy party supplies

Good party supplies and accessories are arguably the most important part of your party. Check out this awesome website for a list of essentials.

Food and drinks are obviously a must!

4. Hire a lifeguard

The final step in making sure your pool party is the best ever is to make sure everyone stays safe. Hiring a lifeguard will ensure that all your guests will have a professionally-trained eye on them at all times. They can also play games and provide extra entertainment for the children.

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