The Importance of Hiring Private Pool Party Lifeguard

Should You Hire a Pool Party Lifeguard?

With over 20 years of experience in different aquatic environments I have seen many different kinds of aquatic emergencies. As a highly skilled professional lifeguard and lifeguard instructor I rely on a something that most people would disregard. If I asked you what does a lifeguard do? A common response would be: A lifeguard rescues people from the pool from drowning. Yet my greatest resource as a lifeguard is preventing that emergency in the first place. After working during private pool party events the majority of clients tell me that having us there watching over the pool gave them piece of mind. It helped them relax and attend to their guests without being overwhelmed with 15 kids swimming in their backyard pool.  I have also been present for water slides and other private aquatic activities. My time and training as a lifeguard has also helped me develop a keen sense of what a swimmer in distress looks like. This developed skill combined with my persistance to prevent the emergency is what separates a professional lifeguard from a friend or family member from watching a large number of children. Next time you host a pool party consider the safety of your swimmers a number one priority and hire a private lifeguard. If you are looking for a lifeguard now check out services. Aquassurance