Summer Boating Safety Tips

Summer is finally here and we could not be more excited!!!

With all the relaxation and fun that comes with this season, there is an equal amount of responsibility… Especially when out in the ocean.

When we were out on the boat this weekend, enjoying a gorgeous Miami day, we saw countless boats being stopped by the Miami Dade Police— what a way to put a damper on your perfect boating day.

As advent boaters and individuals dedicated to aquatic safety, we want to share some of the most important boating safety regulations and tips.

Tips and Regulations:

  • There must be a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) on board for every passenger.
    • It is very common for boats that seem to be over capacity to be pulled over and asked to show all of the PFDs to the officer.
  •  Before leaving the dock, check all of the boat lights to ensure they are working correctly— broken lights are a violation.
  • Always check the Weather Forecast before leaving the marina and periodically when you are out on the water.
  • The driver of the boat should NOT drink alcohol!
    • Passengers should also limit their alcohol consumption as it can be very dangerous out on the water.
    • According to the Miami Dade County Office of the Mayor, “more than 50 percent of drowning victims are the result from boating incidents involving alcohol. Balance is one of the first things you lose when you consume alcohol, and when you combine this with the rocking of the boat, the chances of falling overboard increase.” 
  • Boats should have a fire extinguisher on board at all times and they should be inspected periodically. (We have seen a boat up in flames in the bay.)
  • Do NOT go through Government Cut when Cruise ships are docked or leaving The Port. This is a HUGE violation and the boat WILL be stopped by the police.
  • Make sure that the walk around area on the boat is clear of any obstructions. If there are objects blocking the walk way, passengers may trip or even fall overboard.
  • OBEY THE SPEED LIMITS! They are there for a reason (for your safety, and for the safety of the sea life).
  • Know how to stay safe in the sun
  • Having an Aquassurance lifeguard on board is always a good idea!

For ALL Florida Boating Laws please visit Miami Maritime Law.

Wishing you all a FUN and SAFE boating season!

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