Hidden Hazards of Pool Party Water Slides

A water slide at a pool party seems pretty harmless. Plus, they’re an amazing way to entertain children without parents doing much work. Kids climb up, slide down, jump around a little, then repeat. I remember screaming with excitement as a child if I ever saw a water slide at a friend’s pool party. Unfortunately, these seemingly safe party accessories come with several hidden dangers.

All water slides have one thing in common. Yup, you guessed it: water. And along with anything that involves water, these slides form a potential drowning risk. For this reason (if you didn’t think it was necessary already), all water slides require competent adult supervision. Secondly, and not as obviously, the hoses that provide the slide with water also impose some hidden risks. If not carefully attached to the designated slots on the slide, hoses can oftentimes dangle from the top. This can easily cause entanglement and, more seriously, asphyxiation.

Another hidden danger associated with water slides is directly related to how well the slide was assembled. Many slide rental companies, instead of replacing the slides altogether, frequently place tarps on top of areas that have become too worn down. While this extra layer saves slide companies money, it also creates a serious safety risk for children. Kids can easily slide under the extra layer and become entrapped. If an adult doesn’t realize and respond quickly enough, there is a severe risk of drowning.

To reduce the chances of the unthinkable happening at your pool party, heed to the following guidelines:

  • Make sure there is constant adult supervision at the water slide.
  • Never allow more than one child slide down at the same time.
  • Kids must always slide down feet first on their back.
  • Keep a close eye on any hoses attached to the slide and keep them out of the sliding zone.
  • Make sure there is an adequate amount of water at the bottom of the slide to soften the impact for the children.

Aquassurance lifeguards are specially trained to supervise any aquatic environment, including those with water slides. Hire one for your Miami pool party today!

Miami Pool Party Water Slide.