Swimming: The Lost Generation

Remember the old days, when fun was to go out swimming with friends instead of having your face stuck in a TV or computer all day? Well, sadly, times have changed, and with these changes comes a serious consequence: a higher risk of drowning.

Now more than ever, drowning has become a serious threat. This new generation of children (the lost swimming generation) has parents everywhere worrying and wondering what they can do to prevent the unthinkable. Luckily, there are some steps parents can take to make their children safer in the water. The main solution: swim lessons.

Water is everywhere. Because of this, the ability to swim is ultimately a life or death matter. Swim lessons, even with children as young as a year old, are important.

How do swim lessons work?

Swim lessons start with getting children unafraid and comfortable, and gradually progress to show them how to be safe in the water, such as how to get out if they were to accidentally fall in. The repetition of a structured swim lesson eventually triggers the brain into making what they’ve learned, such as kicking and floating on their back, a habit. Once children have mastered this, swim lessons advance into stroke development.

At what age should you start enrolling your child in swim lessons?

Although all children are different, it is important that they start swim lessons as soon as possible, usually when they are a year old. Obviously your baby will not come out of swimming laps right away, but they will start getting accustomed to the water and learning the basics of strokes. Learning the basics early on makes it much easier to advance in the future.

Overall, learning to swim is a matter of life or death. No matter how old you are, knowing how to swim is an extremely important ability. Prevent the unthinkable and enroll your children in swim lessons today!