What to do in an Emergency

Rescue Hazards

Attempt rescue of drowning victims and those in danger of gas poisoning or electrical shock ONLY if you are trained to deal with these hazards. You cannot help someone if you become injured yourself!

What To Do in an Emergency

Begin with a scene survey:
– Take charge of the situation.
– Call out for help to attract bystanders.
– Assess hazards at the scene.
– Make the area safe for yourself and others. Put on gloves before making contact with the victim.
– Find out what happened, the number of people hurt and how they got injured. If you suspect a head or neck injury, make sure the victim attempts no movement.
– Identify yourself as a first aid rescuer and offer to help.
– Assess responsiveness. Ask the victim simple questions and gently tap their shoulders. If they do not respond: send a bystander to call 911. If you are alone and a telephone is nearby, place victim in recovery position (on their side) before leaving to call 911.

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