Prepare for Summer: Private Lifeguards

South Florida, summer is officially upon us. There is just something about this time of year… the sun beaming down on us, the warm Miami waters, the smell of sun block invading our nose. There is nothing better than a hot Miami summer. But don’t let all the excitement get to your head, it’s time to be prepared and safe! And I’m not just talking about SPF 30 and plenty of drinking water, I am talking about private lifeguards!!!

Summer is a time for fun and games and not just for the kids. Adults, I know you want to lounge by the pool, sip on your cocktails and mingle with friends. But having to keep a close eye on the young ones can put a huge damper on the ideal summer day. That’s where we come in! Professional Red Cross certified lifeguards will be at your door any day of the week to ensure a safe water environment for you and your kids. Whether you are having a pool party, a casual day by the pool or even a trip to the beach we will give you a hand!