The Truth: Private vs. Conventional Swim Lessons

I often get asked what the benefits of private swim lessons are. People are oftentimes doubtful, thinking that conventional swim lessons will work better and end up being cheaper. Nothing can be further than the truth. I tell all my clients the same three reasons why private swim lessons are superior over conventional swim lessons: the quality of the instruction, the time spent with each child, and the cost of the lessons.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but conventional swim lessons don’t work! My experience as a lifeguard in a public pool has proven this to me time and time again. I see the same kids come to lessons week after week, never progressing in their skill level, and never being taught anything new. The monotony of the swim lessons turns what should be an enjoyable activity, into a boring, tedious task. Whose fault is this? The instructors. The instructors could care less about whether or not your children will learn how to swim. Most of the ones I can see can barely swim themselves!


I’m going to have to get a bit mathematical here. The conventional swim lesson consists of eight 45-minute classes with 6-10 children. This may sound great at a quick glance (sorry to burst your bubble again) but it’s not. Once you divide the amount of time each child will receive with the instructor, the truth is revealed. In a set of eight conventional swim lessons, your child will only receive between 30 and 60 minutes of instruction! Those eight days you paid for will only come out to an hour (if you’re lucky) of instruction.


This is the point where a lot of you may become alarmed. On average, a set of the conventional swim lessons costs about $80. You be the judge: do you think 30-60 minutes of mediocre instruction for your child is worth $80? I don’t think so.

Conclusion: Why private lessons?

So finally, why private swim lessons over conventional lessons? Private swim lessons, at least the ones offered by Aquassurance, will give your child quality instruction, and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. In private lessons, 100% of the instructor’s attention is given to your child. There will be no time wasted on other children, and you will never pay for instruction that is not given. Also, private lessons are customized to the child’s level – whether you want to improve your swimmer’s strokes, or to teach young ones to lose fear of the water. And there’s an added bonus: we come to you! No need to tediously get your kids ready and drive them to a public pool a distance away. We come to your own backyard, where you can have peace of mind knowing that your children are safe, learning how to swim in your own private swimming pool.

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