Welcome to Aquassurance Lifeguard and Swim Lesson Services!

Do you want to make sure your children stay safe in the water? Whether you are looking for a private lifeguard to watch over your event, or a swim instructor to teach your children how to swim, we’ve got you covered!

Aquassurance gives families across South Florida peace of mind in the water. Our Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors are professionally trained to watch over your pool party and teach your children how to swim.

Aquassurance was formed in 2012 in South Florida by high school students and lifeguards Gabriel Garcia and Isabel Sanz to meet the safety needs of their community. Gabriel and Isabel’s experiences as lifeguards made them aware that water safety was important in any pool, public and private alike.

Drowning is a serious threat, even in your own swimming pool. Ensure the safety of your children and guests with a private lifeguard and private swim lessons!